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In Sanskrit ‘ Vishal’ means Great. For a
Great Indian dining experience you must
visit Vishal

We have been established since 1986. Many of our

loyal customers have been with us from our days

at Church Gate (City Centre). We can also boast

that we have many loyal customers coming from all

over the County and Country regularly. Our regular

clientele understands the importance of our unique

Indian Tandoori Cuisine.

Vishal’s style of Indian Cuisine is more that authentic,

contemporary or genuine, it is unique. Many Indian

Restaurant in the UK provide cuisine similar to each

other, however this is not the case at Vishal. No other

Indian Restaurant in Leicester can provide you taste

similar to the cuisine at Vishal.

The food at Vishal is special. Firstly, the Tandoori (Clay

oven) food is perhaps one of the best in the country.

Please note that a real tandoori oven must be fuelled

with Charcoal and not gas.

Most restaurants use ready made yoghurt for

marinades. We at Vishal make our own yoghurt for

marinades. We make our own Paneer for cheese.

We mix and grind our own spices for our own mixture

of ‘Garam Masala’. Our own made dessert Pistachio

Kulfi is very popular. At Vishal we try to make sure

others do not dictate our ingredients. We are in

control of our food. Our Chef’s culinary skills with

Indian food are very special. We have a very good

selection of fresh vegetarian dishes. Our lamb dishes

are popular and we only use high quality Lamb.

Vishal provides a unique Indian Cuisine that has

been exactly the same for the last 30 years. We at

Vishal keep our ingredients and recipes a secret, and

our chef Jewel and his team have sworn to secrecy

to make sure Vishal’s secrets are kept safe.